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Expert tool for cybersecurity management

Sensible and effective cybersecurity management for organizations of all sizes and groups. Preventing damage, protecting assets, and business continuity. Demonstrating compliance and maintaining trust with customers and partners.

cysensic shape
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cysensic shape
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Why cysensic

Effective cyber security management is an increasingly important task. In organizations, it is essential to prevent material and reputational damage, ensuring business continuity and maintaining trust with customers and partners.

Our application helps organizations ensure a rational, meaningful, and cost-effective level of cybersecurity according to market and industry best practices and legislative requirements.

cysensic shape
cysensic shape
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Key benefits

Keep your cybersecurity up-to-date and in compliance with the requirements of legal standards and security methodologies.

Smart approach to compliance

The requirements of legislation and security methodologies in one place, clearly and according to the type of your organization and the complexity of its activities. cysensic identifies real risks based on a realistic threat analysis and recommends reasonable corrective measures tailored to your company.

Focus on simplicity

Safety standards are complex, but cysensic will guide you through them in the easiest way, with an emphasis on the essential. A simple tool for communicating, sharing information and documents, and bringing other key people in your organization "into the process."

Perfect overview

Essential information in an easy-to-understand structure, available online to anyone who needs it. Manage your entire security ecosystem in one place - from group companies to individual links in supply chains.

Automation and AI

Automation of processes and repetitive tasks (collection and preparation of data for audits, reporting, administration and consolidation of documentation, etc.) that reduce their time-consuming nature and allow you to focus on the essentials. AI bots to search and analyze information, prepare reports, and implement actions that adapt to the organization's environment and respond to the current security exposure.

Access to expertise

cysensic is your practical guide to cyber security. It makes available the skills, knowledge, and experience of leading experts in the field. It guards your organization's security in cyberspace and alerts you when information is leaked to the internet, deep web, and darknet.


The cysensic application is divided into 10 functional modules that interact with each other.


An easy-to-understand guide to the requirements of safety standards and methodologies. Enables an organization to conduct a guided self-assessment of its cybersecurity and compliance posture.


Design module for identification, management, and monitoring of corrective and safety measures identified in the risk analysis.


An integrated OSINT tool for analyzing an organization's risk exposure to the Internet, deep web, and darknet.


Analytical module for automatic retrieval of information about third parties.


A module for long-term secure storage, sharing, and distribution of information, documents, and other content throughout the tool.


An integrated tool for the management and documentation of security events and incidents and a communication gateway for early reporting of security incidents.


Module for intuitive management of an organization's security ecosystem, subordinate units, contractors, and their


Module for preparation and automation of internal or external cybersecurity audits and audits requeste


An integrated platform for educating employees in cybersecurity and related fields.


Module for access to premium services, documentation, and content.

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Expert tool for cybersecurity management