The cysensic application consists of 10 functional modules, which are interconnected. A unified data model, close interconnection of modules, advanced task automation and workflow management, and extensive use of generative AI and visualization tools simplify cybersecurity management and expand user competencies.

The cysensic application represents a way to effectively and cost-effectively counter the increasingly significant threats in the cyber world.


An easy-to-understand guide to the requirements of security standards and methodologies | Enables an organization to conduct a guided self-assessment of its cybersecurity and compliance posture. A structured questionnaire consisting of several sets of specific questions helps to identify and assess risks and subsequently determine the level of cybersecurity achieved. | Progressive completion of the questionnaire, tracking of progress, and immediate assessment of compliance. | Individual areas or questions can be easily delegated to responsible persons.


Design module for identification, management, and monitoring of corrective and safety measures identified in the risk analysis. It creates a pipeline of measures, prioritizes them, and breaks them down into manageable tasks. | It supports continuous monitoring and evaluation of the implementation of measures and sub-tasks.


An integrated OSINT tool for analyzing an organization's risk exposure to the Internet, deep web, and darknet. Performs on-demand or scheduled scans of defined risk information sources (Internet, dark net, dark web). | Searches for threats and generates a report including simple scoring. | Any findings are reflected in the threat analysis and definition of corrective actions and steps to prevent further leaks.


Verification of credibility and risk exposure of suppliers | Analytical module for automated retrieval of information about third parties (suppliers, business partners, persons in engagement, etc.) | Automated processing | Analytical report on third parties regarding their compliance and security exposure.


Module for long-term secure storage, sharing, and distribution of information, documents, and other content throughout the tool. | Automation of workflows and processes. | Verification of all stored content and demonstration of continuous development in the field of cybersecurity. | Creation of secure temporary and long-term virtual data rooms, sharing of documentation between users of the tool and beyond.


An integrated tool for the management and documentation of security events and incidents and a communication gateway for the timely reporting of security incidents to the relevant supervisory authority (NÚKIB, ÚOOÚ, ČNB, etc.). | Semi-automated collection of relevant information and inputs related to the incident itself and the whistleblower's security ecosystem.


A module for intuitive management of an organization's security ecosystem, subordinate units, contractors, and their chains. It provides monitoring of security links and maturity of supply chain links and manages the sharing of security information and profiles between them. | Notification of security events, collection of information on security compliance status, assigning self-assessments to suppliers, and monitoring their performance and responses.


Module for preparation and automation of internal or external cybersecurity audits as well as audits requested by third parties. It ensures efficient administration of audits, semi-automated collection, and preparation of important documents and necessary documentation and their distribution according to the selected methodology via a secure VDR. | It manages communication and information exchange between the auditor and the auditee. | It stores compliance status prints and backups of historical audits.


An integrated platform for the education of workers in cybersecurity and related fields. It includes programs, individual courses, and practice-oriented training prepared by top trainers.| It enables staff training to be planned, monitored, evaluated, and documented, and internal and external certifications to be managed.| A tool for demonstrating compliance with legislative requirements in the field of education and continuous training.


Module for access to premium services, documentation, and content | Top security services (e.g. penetration testing, incident response, etc.), up-to-date templates and documentation packages, expert consultation, and other support in a few clicks directly in the tool.

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